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Jason concentrates his litigation and appellate practice in the areas of civil rights liability and defense; county and municipal liability; lender and surety liability; general business liability; and insurance defense. He has obtained over 300 favorable judgments on behalf of clients and has successfully defended over 50 civil cases at trial and/or on appeal. According to Westlaw records of the reported dispositive motions that he has filed since 2015, 70% were granted in whole or in part. The average for this same time period before the S.D. Miss. is 50% and for the N.D. Miss. is 53%.

During the previous four years, he has obtained the following favorable results for clients:

  • Washington v. McQueary, No. 3:20cv105-HTW-LGI (S.D. Miss. May 13, 2021). Granting dismissal of case.

  • Duck v. Adams Cty. Sheriff’s Dep’t, No. 2017-12 (Adams Cty. Circuit, May, 3, 2021). Granting summary judgment.

  • Wilson v. Apoftolidis, No. 3:19cv190-RPM (S.D. Miss. Mar. 29, 2021). Granting summary judgment.

  • Jones v. McLendon, No. 3:18cv884-HSO-JCG (S.D. Miss. May 19, 2020). Granting summary judgment.

  • Baker v. Gann, No. 3:18cv410-FKB (S.D. Miss. Mar. 3, 2021). Granting summary judgment. 

  • King v. Bramlett, No. 3:20cv378-TSL-RPM (S.D. Miss. Dec. 8, 2020). Granting dismissal.

  • Parks v. Yazoo Cty., No. 3:19cv632-DPJ-FKB (S.D. Miss. Nov. 12, 2020). Granting motion in limine and granting in part summary judgment.

  • Curtis v. Doe, No. 3:20cv16-LRA (S.D. Miss. Oct. 13, 2020). Granting summary judgment.

  • In Re: Estate of Thompson, No. 2015-1077 (Madison Cty. Chancery Oct. 12, 2020). Granting reformation of trust.

  • Jones v. McLendon, No. 3:18cv884-HSO-JCG (S.D. Miss. May 19, 2020). Granting summary judgment.

  • Baker v. Sheriff, No. 3:18cv401-LRA (S.D. Miss. Mar. 4, 2020). Granting summary judgment.

  • Baker v. Shaw, No. 3:18cv573-LRA (S.D. Miss. Mar. 4, 2020). Granting summary judgment.

  • Brown v. Madison Cty., No. 3:17cv347-CWR-LRA (S.D. Miss. Oct. 11, 2019). Granting entry of consent decree.

  • Estate of Sturdivant v. Smith, No. 5:19cv22-KS-MTP (S.D. Miss. Aug. 28, 2019). Granting in part judgment on the pleadings.

  • Easterling v. Mississippi Corr. Servs., No. 3:18cv490-HTW-LRA (S.D. Miss. July 12, 2019). Granting dismissal.

  • Grant v. Rushing, No. 3:17cv449-LRA (S.D. Miss. Mar. 14, 2019). Granting dismissal.

  • Johnson v. Johnson, No. 3:04cv393-HTW-LRA (S.D. Miss. Mar. 1, 2019). Denying plaintiff’s post-trial motions.

  • Evans v. Edwards, No. 3:17cv851-RHW (S.D. Miss. Dec. 18, 2018). Granting summary judgment.

  • Whitten v. City of Columbus, No. 2015-29 (Lowndes Cty. Circuit Nov. 16, 2018). Granting dismissal.

  • Freeman v. Smith, No. 3:17cv1016-CWR-LRA (S.D. Miss. Nov. 15, 2018). Granting dismissal.

  • Gerhart v. Rankin Cty., No. 3:11cv586-HTW-LRA (S.D. Miss. Sept. 29, 2018). Granting motion in limine.

  • Evern v. Chisolm, No. 3:17cv941-DPJ-FKB (S.D. Miss. Sept. 17, 2018). Granting summary judgment.

  • Turner v. Sumrall, No. 3:18cv474-DPJ-FKB (S.D. Miss. Aug. 30, 2018). Granting dismissal.

  • Edwards v. Richardson, No. 2017-1033 (Madison Cty. Chancery May 31, 2018). Granting judgment on pleadings.

  • Mitchell v. Holmes Cty., No. 2017-199 (Holmes Cty. Circuit Apr. 27, 2018). Granting dismissal.

  • Vega v. Lowndes Cty., No. 1:16cv78-NBB-DAS (N.D. Miss. Apr. 26, 2018). Granting dismissal.

  • Chipley v. Yazoo Cty., No. 3:16cv901-TSL-RHW (S.D. Miss. Apr. 20, 2018). Granting summary judgment.

  • Estate of Boyd v. Pike Cty., No. 5:15cv107-HSO-JCG (S.D. Miss. Mar. 15, 2018). Granting summary judgment.

  • Goldsmith v. Strickland, No. 3:14cv626-FKB (S.D. Miss. Mar. 15, 2018). Granting summary judgment.

  • Wilkerson v. Lowndes Cty., No. 1:15cv173-GHD-DAS (N.D. Miss. Mar. 13, 2018). Granting partial dismissal.

  • Burnett v. Hinds Cty., No. 2015-533 (Hinds Cty. Circuit, Mar. 7, 2018). Granting summary judgment. 

  • Anderson v. Flemming, No. 3:16cv37-DPJ-FKB (S.D. Miss. Feb. 2, 2018). Granting summary judgment.

  • MEC, Inc. v. Lowndes Cty., No. 1:16cv151-GHD-RP (N.D. Miss. Jan. 3, 2018). Granting summary judgment.