Department of Defense Suspends SDB Price Evaluation Preference Suspended for One Year

By Lynn Patton Thompson

The Director of Defense Procurement has suspended use of the price evaluation preference for Small Disadvantaged Businesses ("SDBs") for a one-year period beginning March 13, 2009.  By law, the ten percent (10%) price evaluation adjustment in favor of SDBs must be suspended for a 1-year period in which the DoD meets or exceeds the 5% goal set for contract awards to SDBs.  In Fiscal Year 2008, the 5% goal was exceeded.  Therefore, during the period March 13, 2009 through March 12, 2010, DoD solicitations will not include any provision allowing application of the price evaluation preference for SDBs in making award decisions.  Notice of the 1-year suspension was published in the Federal Register on February 19, 2009.