U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Two Grant Awards Totaling $38 Million for Mississippi Infrastructure Revitalization Projects

By Lynn Patton Thompson

On December 11, 2018, the United States Secretary of Transportation announced the award of grants to pay for ninety-one (91) infrastructure revitalization projects through the DOT’s Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (“BUILD”) program. Projects funded through BUILD grants include road, rail, port, and transit infrastructure projects.

The two projects awarded in Mississippi include (1) a $13 million grant to fund road reconstruction and bridge replacements along 2.6 miles of Holly Springs Road and (2) a $25 million grant to fund road and bridge improvements of approximately 9 miles of SR 19 from SR 492 to Philadelphia.

Projects in Mississippi’s neighboring states were also awarded. Two projects in Alabama will be funded for a total $28.2 million; one project in Arkansas will be funded for $25 million, two projects totaling $41.4 million will be funded in Louisiana, and one project for $25 million will be funded in Tennessee.

For a list and description of all 91 awards, please see the link to the DOT announcement here.